Although the Van Go Art Fair features food trucks, music, costumed "art," and kids area, it is the art show that takes center stage. During the day visitors can see a variety of Texas-made originals and meet the artists who craft them. Hearing their stories brings the beauty of their art so much more meaning and those fortunate enough to take art purchases home know they are getting something very special.
Randy Martin
Artist Randy Martin has lived in Van for more than 30 years and for much of that time he’s been creating something. About 20 years ago it was unique birdhouses and over the years he evolved into creating exquisite art sculptures out of metal. He travels to art shows all over the country and can be seen locally at the Edom Art Festival, the Junebug Festival in Edom and the up and coming Van Go Art Show in Van.
Kerian Massey
Kerian Massey is a graphic artist  and illustrator by trade but puts brush to canvas whenever an idea sparks in her mind. She has a feeling that travels through her and if she does it right, makes it's way into the image she creates. She wants the viewer to be a part of her work, pulling their own feelings and history out from it's depths. Her work is as weird and eclectic as she is covering animals, cars, chairs, shoes, people and funky ideas.. See more of her work at

Randall Ricketts
Randall Ricketts creates beautiful three-legged stools that are functional works of art. They are handcrafted from a variety of native hardwoods, including pecan, mesquite and walnut. He strives to bring out the natural beauty in the wood and shapes each stool by hand using traditional woodworking techniques in a way that is pleasing to look at and comfortable to sit on. Simple functionality for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.


Dan and Lori Dudley
The Dudleys own Dirt on Your Skirt Studio in Carrollton and together they create character ceramics and art pottery. Dan views everyday images with a humorous twist.  He primarily hand builds and enjoys creating characters out of pieces that are thrown.  Inspired by natural imagery of the human form, plant and sea life, clay allows Lori a visceral medium to express her love of nature. Lori’s sculpture is sensual and emotional.  Her work is wheel thrown then sculpted and ranges from female forms to sea vessels.


Monica Lubiani
Monica Lubiani creates colorful fused glass art jewelry and housewares like dishes, plates bowls, and serving trays.

Cindy Fuqua 1a 300

Cindy Fuqua
Cindy makes beautiful handmade and functional pottery. Her horse hair pots are truly unique.

Sandy Park
Artist Sandy Park has been mastering acrylic paintings every since she discovered them. She loves painting abstract, landscapes of places that she has been to, and even flowers. She has a unique and quirky art style, and she's sharing her art with the Van Go Art Fair guests on March 30.

Valery Guignon
Valerie creates beautiful hand-dyed silk and rayon original pattern wearable art including kimonos, tops, ponchos, scarves, and jewelry.

Cynthia Grogan
Cynthia Grogan of Colorscapes Art is currently working on using alcohol ink and resin to create beautifully decorated trays. She also creates paintings using alcohol ink, the vivid colors and patterns making each piece unique and powerful.

Sherry Gasper
Sherry Gasper creates original watercolor paintings; hand-knitted shawls, scarves, and other small items; and she makes fabric totes and belt bags.

Shaun Marie Graham
Shaun creates handmade jewelry that is fabricated with sterling silver and copper as main metals. She uses acid etching and hand stamping to add details as well as stones and engraving.

Brenda Roberts_300

Brenda Roberts
Brenda Roberts produces colorful ceramics.


Breeanna Padilla

Breeanna Padilla is the creator behind Dotting Doja. She specializes in dotilism, an art form that focuses on creating images by using hundreds of tiny dots. She uses this art style to create jewelry and home decor.

Christi Barrett

Christi Barrett captures the world in her beautiful artwork, one frame at a time. Her art reflects her love and passion for portraits and realism around on nature and life. She always paints from her heart, channeling her emotion into each piece of artwork.

Amy Seymour

Amy Seymour has a very hauntingly unique twist to her artwork, something that is truly out-of-this-world! Her carvings and figurines range from fungus, to dolls that look as if they have been long abandoned in a forest, to alien figures featuring multiple eyes and limbs.

Laurie Aurand

Laurie Aurand is a self-taught mixed-media artist, and in her adventures through life found a passion for creativity and color. Over time, she chose many avenues to express that, before settling on paintings jewelry. She loves to use color to express herself and her emotions and loves to teach others how to express themselves through art. And she still feels like she is learning more about her style, and growing with each painting.


Mary Geisler

Mary Geisler is a metal-worker/designer. She hand-crafts bracelets, rings, and pendants to have a unique whimsical twist, with the addition of earthy gems and stones in each piece to make each artifact as one-of-a-kind as the wearer.


Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore captures the essence of natural beauty in portraits by only focusing on sparse details. She focuses on the allure of leaving empty spaces in her art, the allow the imagination room to fill in the gaps. She uses mostly watercolor and charcoal.

Tamra Licha

Tamra Licha uses watercolor to express the still-life and snapshots of the world and living creatures.

Tina Couet

Tina Couet loves to collect and repurpose lost shells, glass, and other artifacts to create beautiful home decors that are full of color and simplicity, to look like mosaic stained glass windows.


Orlando Guillen

Orlando Guillen is a self-taught "recycle-artist," he uses recycled metal materials to create gorgeous sculptures. He hopes that his art will help others to appreciate time and love.

Don Cutler

Kenny "Don" Cutler owns Cutler's Texas Creations. Using native wood, he makes pens, utensil handles, bowls and more. Contact him through his Facebook page or (903) 521-0729.

Michael Tate

Michael Tate is a woodturner, making one-of-a-kind bowls, vases, bottle stoppers, writing pens, and lazy Susans. He lives in Quitman.


Janak Narayan

Janak Narayan is a fine artist that primarily works with oils, acrylics, watercolor, pen, and ink. She paints narrative landscapes and nature either as she sees is or as she imagines it to be.


Laura Merrill

Laura Merrill creates fluid art on canvas, tiles, glass, and paper using acrylic paint and some resin. She lives in Jefferson.