There’s nothing sweeter than hearing Texas talents take the stage at an outdoor event like the Van Go Art Fair. Each performer is hand selected to help create just the right harmonious vibe for the Van Go Outdoor Cafe to complement the art show. Below were the performers booked for 2020 -- we hope they'll be back for 2022.

Ginny Mac
Ginny Mac takes listeners all around the world from sounds of a sidewalk cafe in Paris beside a sprightly l'accordeoniste to Texas Americana.


Maryah & Martyn
This jazz duo brings old standards they've perfected in travels from the streets of Paris and London, all around Texas, and now in beautiful rural Upper East Side of Texas. LEARN MORE AND LISTEN

Meredith Crawford_300

Meredith Crawford
Meredith Crawford is a Singer-Songwriter/Musical Performer born and raised in the heart of a small town in East Texas. She continues to sway her audiences in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, East Texas, and Shreveport area with her unique folk-rock tunes. Her stories and lyrics pour from a place of her own personal heartbreak and wisdom that she hopes to share with her current audience and audiences for generations to come.