There’s nothing sweeter than hearing the words and music of a Texas singer songwriter and during the day numerous talents take the stage at the Van Go Art Fair. Each performer is hand selected to help create just the right harmonious vibe to complement the art exhibit. Below are the 2019 performers and the 2020 lineup is expected to be equally fantastic.
Elfin Paige_300

Elfin Paige
Elfin Paige is a singer-songwriter, author, filmmaker, artist, photographer and an all-around creative and fun individual with plenty of heart and soul to share.

Zack Pohl_300

Zack Pohl
As a solo artist Zack Pohl paved his way to establish himself as a songwriter. But despite the challenges, he still enjoys every minute and would not give it up for the world. He continues to write and perform to give back to the music communities that made him who he is today.


Joshua Wallace

Local performer singer-songwriter, Joshua Wallace, will be joining the stage to share his Americana style music with the guests of the Van Go Art Fair.

Andie_Kay_Photo Credit- Bill Ellison_300

Andie Kay Joyner
Proud member of the blacktopGYPSY, and a double transplant survivor, Andie Kay Joyner rocks the stage wherever she plays, with her unique voice and acoustic music.

Meredith Crawford_300

Meredith Crawford
Meredith Crawford is a Singer-Songwriter/Musical Performer born and raised in the heart of a small town in East Texas. She continues to sway her audiences in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, East Texas, and Shreveport area with her unique folk-rock tunes. Her stories and lyrics pour from a place of her own personal heartbreak and wisdom that she hopes to share with her current audience and audiences for generations to come.

Heather Little_300

Heather Little
Heather Little was born in north-central Texas, and grew up around Austin and Dallas and all the music that thrives there. She is the co-writer of “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Me and Charlie Talkin'”, both recorded by Miranda Lambert; Sunny Sweeney’s “Helluva Heart”; and “Minefield,” on Travis Meadows’s album Killin’ Uncle Buzzy. And now you can hear more of her songwriting on Lindsey Harding’s album Sound of My Heart.